Gambling needs your permission to collect, use, and share any personal information it has about you. A copy of this policy was read and signed by every minor under the age of eighteen Therefore, please refrain from using the Service if you are not in agreement with or are unable to comprehend this Privacy Policy.

Company privacy policies can be changed at any time. Every so often, you should check this Privacy Policy for any new information that may have been added.


This text clearly defines the meaning of these terms.

All sorts of data are included under the umbrella term “Personal Information.”. Everything you need to know about yourself is included in this list. Everything from your full name, address, email address, photos, and precise location to your player ID and credit card is included.

‘Non-Personal Information,’ on the other hand, refers to any data that does not identify a specific individual or group of individuals directly or indirectly (e.g., your date of birth, your age, your ZIP code, your city, and your gender). In addition to your computer and mobile device’s hardware/software/firmware, this data includes the unique device ID, IP address (or other persistent identifiers), and other details. We collect non-personal information about you in the form of Use Data.

We gather information about your activities both while using our Services and after you have stopped using them. Everything you do, both inside and outside the Services, is included. We keep track of things like what you do on the Services and the browser you use to get to them, among other things. On top of all that, we keep track of what apps you have installed, when and how often you use our Service, and how far you’ve gotten in a game. There is a connection, but it’s not a direct connection between this data and your computer or another device. This information is completely anonymous.

There are many sources from which we obtain our data.

To obtain Personal and Non-Personal Information from Gambling, follow the following steps: Creating an account for you, providing services, improving our service, and conducting research is gambling’s primary goal in collecting and utilizing your data. If you don’t provide the information we request, you will be unable to take advantage of many aspects of the Services. Gambling may use the information you provide to contact you or improve the Services. This is part of the package. For example, you can use the following methods to gather data:

You can give us your name, email address, and phone number when you open an account, sign up for a newsletter, or communicate with us in any other way. As a way to improve our service, we may also use your information for that.

Access to one of our services may be made possible through a third-party social network. If you want us to get your Personal Information and Non-Personal Information from third-party social networks, we can. Third-party social networks, such as Facebook and Game Center, make it easy for people to stay in touch with one another.

Whenever you purchase our Services, we’ll keep a record of your credit card and other billing information.

Public forums, such as comment sections and chat rooms, allow us to see any Personal Information that users voluntarily provide us.

There is a lot of fun to be had when you communicate with other players by sending messages, chatting, posting, and so on. To collect any Personal Information you give us, we use these methods. The person(s) you’re contacting will also be added to our database. Make communication easier with this method (Note: we will never collect any information sent outside of the functionality of our Services, including through emails or text messages).

Your device’s ID number and personal information, if enabled, may be collected if you allow push notifications. Because you took some action, it’s obvious that you consent to receive push notifications from us.

You will be made aware of this practice and given the option to turn it on or off before we begin collecting precise geolocation information. This feature can be disabled using the instructions found in the Settings tab. Any time, even if you haven’t paid for or agreed to this feature, you can deactivate or deactivate its time.

Things like your location and gender can be deduced from the apps you have installed on your smartphone. This is how some of our Services are implemented.

In the end, it doesn’t matter how you choose to provide us with your data. You can rest assured that no one will ever misuse the data you entrusted to us.

We can only collect information about your visit to our website if you voluntarily provide us with your data. So please do so. Non-Personal Information is only one type of data we gather when you use our Services. Usage Data is also gathered. People who have been using the Services for a long time are also included in this data set. Personal and non-personal information about you cannot be mixed unless you give it to us voluntarily, and we will not do so.

Here’s how these third-party service providers keep the information they collect about you safe:

Some situations may necessitate the merging of non-personal data with your data. Without your permission, we cannot merge non-personal data with your personal information.

Check out how the app’s external service providers protect your data by visiting this link.

There are many records available.

It’s known as “Log Data.” This data and information come from your phone when you use our service and are collected by third-party products. “Log Data” includes information such as your device’s name and IP address, as well as the operating system version you’re using. As well as this, Log Data may include your IP address, as well as the time and date you used our service, and other information


When you visit a website or use an app, we may place or read small files known as “cookies” to gather additional information about you. We call these small data files “cookies.” It’s possible that your computer or mobile device if these files are present will be able to keep tabs on your activities. However, cookies may be linked to your personal information only if you permit us. If you want to disable cookies, you can set your browser to notify you whenever a new cookie is sent to your computer. To use the paid services, you may need to disable this option first.

Has your personal information been used by someone else?

Non-personal information about you may be used for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to internal operations. This is not private information about you. For our safety, it could also be used.

Non-Personal Information may be used for the following purposes.

We track how you use our Services to learn more about you and customize your experience. You’ll get personalized in-game offers and notifications as a result of this.

It’s your right as a customer to have your personalized content and special offers.

That which has been unearthed

The customer service departments will contact you.

To ensure that the system does not become corrupted by fraud or other dishonesty

We will show you ads based on your age and gender, as well as where you live.

Please provide us with your address so we can determine which laws are applicable in your case.

I will notify you via push notifications whenever you receive a notification on your phone (if you choose to allow that function).